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Wake up every weekday morning with Kevin, Jessi, Owen and Josh. A little coffee, a little music and a lot of laughs.

Jessi Stone

On Air: 10am-2pm

Native Oklahoman, local radio personality, and peanut butter fiend, Jessi Stone loves to entertain and make people smile. As the daughter of musicians, Jessi enjoyed singing and dancing and dreamed of being the next Janet Jackson. After seeing some friends operate in the radio industry, her curiosity led her down that same path. 17 years and 8 radio stations later, Jessi continues to bring smiles to the airwaves to the Oklahoma City Metro. She has passed her love of music on to her daughter, who studies Vocal Performance at a local university. Jessi shares her life and couch with her Electrical Engineer husband, Gary, and 2 dogs, Sissy and Sadie.


On Air: 2-7pm


A born and raised Okie who’s happy place usually involves a porch swing. Autumn was a part of that “ya’llternative” trend back before it even had a name. Feeding cows after school while sporting some skinny jeans and converse sneakers. She’s a goof, but that’s why I keep her around. Somebody’s gotta laugh at Quervo’s jokes.

You’ll want to pass her the aux at any function, because she’ll probably be loading up the perfect playlist anyway. Never go toe-to-toe in music trivia with her though… Girl’s like a walking Shazam app.


On Air: 7pm – Midnight

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Homegrown in Moore, Josh developed his love for all genres of music while in the Marching Band. His family is big and lives far and wide, but gets to see his only nephew pretty often. When Josh isn’t hamming it up in the Jake studios, he’s playing video games and talking to his buddies from across the globe. He’s also a self proclaimed movie connoisseur having worked a movie theater back in the day. One of his guilty pleasures is watching reality television with his girlfriend Elise. Josh is new in the radio business, but I got a feeling he’ll do just fine. – Jake