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Wake up every weekday morning with Jessi, Kevin and “Quervo”. A little coffee, a little music and a lot of laughs.

Kevin Christopher

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A native of Oklahoma and radio pro with over 30 years experience. He lives in Mustang and loves this community as much as I do. He’s a family guy who loves his kids and his wife -STILL- gotta respect that. He is “almost” a pro golfer even. While we were hangin’ at Buffalo Wild wings on the Expressway I learned that he was darn close to landing the role of Chevy Chase in the movie Vacation…not too sure if I believe that but eh… ok. Towards the end of our visit , I found out he also was an Award winner. He picked up an OAB throughout his time. Our deal to take care of you at workday?– Free Starbucks for him as long as he is working for me.—I sip to that.


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A born and raised Okie who’s happy place usually involves a porch swing. Autumn was a part of that “ya’llternative” trend back before it even had a name. Feeding cows after school while sporting some skinny jeans and converse sneakers. She’s a goof, but that’s why I keep her around. Somebody’s gotta laugh at Quervo’s jokes.

You’ll want to pass her the aux at any function, because she’ll probably be loading up the perfect playlist anyway. Never go toe-to-toe in music trivia with her though… Girl’s like a walking Shazam app.

Jeremy “Cuervo” Quary

On Air: 7pm-Midnight

Born and raised in Prague Oklahoma I’m a proud Okie! I now live in Shawnee with my wife and 3 kids. After touring the world aboard a submarine in the United States Navy and 15 years in the construction business, in 2013 I decided to pursue a broadcasting career….and well, here I am! It’s been a great experience. By far my favorite part of the job is hanging out with the listeners at events. Good Times!

On my day off, usually Sunday, you’ll find me parked in front of a Nascar race with a cold beverage. And in the fall college football is a priority.

Join me weeknights for some good time, feel good music! Because as I always say, “Feeling good is good enough.”

DJ Calweezy

On Air: Midnight-2am