Jingle Bell Rock!


Where’s the Jingle Bell Rock?  Jake has hidden it in his playlist. Find it and win $1,000 from Little Caesars Pizza and 93-3 JAKE FM!

Between now and Christmas, Jake will play ONE Christmas Song… Jingle Bell Rock… when you hear it, text Jake Jingle to 68683 and the 93rd texter will score $1,000!

When will Jingle Bell Rock play?  Come see us live at Little Caesars Pizza and we’ll give you bonus clues as to when it will air. Find the Jingle Bell Rock in Jake’s playlist and score a grand… from Little Caesars Pizza and 93-3 JAKE FM!


Stop by the following LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA locations for an extra “Special Clue” to where you can find Jingle Bell Rock.

11/23    3:30-6pm • Little Caesars • 4500 SE 29th St, Del City
11/30    3:30-6pm • Little Caesars • 2532 W Edmond Rd, Edmond
12/3    3:30-6pm • Little Caesars • 1720 S Air Depot Blvd, Midwest City
12/7    3:30-6pm • Little Caesars • 10721 N May Ave, The Village